Unity Equestrian
Creating Synergy and Excellence by
Producing Warmbloods from proven lineage
for both amateur and professional athletes.
Uniting the Best with the Best !
Unity Equestrian began with the dream to own and ride top quality horses.  Since 1993, Tammie Fulton has been fulfilling that dream by breeding to some of the worlds' best bloodlines and developing a breeding program to produce the top quality horses she always wanted to ride.  Tammie takes great pleasure in working with the horses she produces, and has ridden and shown many of them over the years.  She currently is showing two mares of her breeding and working with the young horses in the program to develop them to go out in the world to happy new owners and successful careers.

The breeding program continues to produce wonderful horses that are raised in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in the beautiful country of south-central Alberta.  The horses are ranch raised, with plenty of land to roam, and the benefit of the fabulous feed produced in our region.  All this produces horses with stong, healthy bodies and sound minds.

The love of the horse is the driving force in all we do!
Tammie rides at Eagle Hill Equine, a fabulous and well managed facility NW of Olds.  Check out the facility website at www.eaglehillequine.com